Saturday, November 10, 2012

Apple Hill, Chestnut Gathering

On our recent trip to Apple Hill, we accidentally ran into the cute "Bugs Gold Mine" and then headed up to the pumpkin farms. We never it made that far as the roads were congested with tourist and visitors that had the same idea in mind. Apple Hill has grown so popular that even in the first weeks of October it's packed. There are now shuttles that take through the apple farms and pumpkin patches. It was such a gorgeous day I talked Stan into taking our vintage convertible BMW. But we just didn't want to brave the crowds and stopped at the first farm we saw...


Lucie gathering chestnuts

Stan and Lucas gathering chestnuts

Have you ever had roasted chestnuts? They aren't not common place in California, but I did have them often while living in France. They had several delicious prepared dishes as well as in their chestnut puree, a savory chestnut mash. Loved that and even a chestnut pudding and chestnut mousse (which is common place in the grocery stores sold with the yoghurt. However there is nothing like buying the roasted chestnuts in Paris while Christmas shopping and enjoying the store windows on Haussman Boulevard, I have to admit.

Our tranquil view at lunch

Just about anywhere you go now in California you can expect the best quality and many great gourmet choices. Here we opted for the Charcuterie  platter. It's always one of our favorite things to order. The kids love it too. Here we had rabbit rillettes; container in bottom right. Hard to see as it's covered in rabbit was De-lish. We had duck prosciutto, and a fabulous pot pate. All handmade a scrumptious served with marinated onions, old fashion mustard and an olive tapenade. One of those Emmmm, Ahhh, Yummm moments that I had stop myself as I realised how loud I was being.
Now....something to was it all down, just up the road, Boeger Winery!

This is a great little winery and...the tasting is FREE. You don't see that all over California. There was a sign outside the door that unattended children would receive a puppy and espresso. We thought it was worth the chance. The kids sat on the benches outside the doors with the hand held video games and I even came out with my glass of wine and sat with Lucie. I love California. Their wines are fantastic by the way. I loved every one I sampled. Great.

Beoger Winery, Apple Hill; California

California, October 2012
The best part about's bye bye until next year, it's here we come for our Christmas tree!!!!!!!!


  1. Oh that looks like a marvelous day and lunch! I have never had the rabbit rillettes? What are they? I do love roasted chestnuts...they seem to have a taste all their own!

    1. I love rillettes, it's like a shredded pate. So,you can have duck, etc. they are very yummy. You see them more and more now. Yes, roasted Chestnuts are good. I forgot to mention that the French have candied chestnuts. If you like sweet things, they are delicious. It's a Christmas treat. I get them every year in the mail from my in-laws. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!

  2. WE LOVE APPLE HILL! When the girls come for their next visit to Northern Cal, they want to go to Apple Hill. It's not far from where I grew up, so we used to go every year. I am wondering if it is still open and do they have Christmas decorations out now? I have always wanted to try roasted chestnuts, and the song "Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire" is Jess' favorite. Yes, the wineries are great in California. We have been to a few in Southern Cal and Northern much fun! Have a nice weekend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

    1. Sheri, I had friend visit Apple Hill yesterday and she said it snowed! I was surprised. We saw lots of Christmas tree farm signs when we were there. I asked my friend if it was decorated yet, but she hasn't replied. It's different from just 10 years ago. Lots of crowds. Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful place. Love your photos. I've never tried chestnuts but would like to some time.
    Thank you for sharing your trip.
    Picking a Christmas tree out sounds like fun too.
    Pat @ Pat's Pink Apron

    1. Pat, my mom and I buy chestnuts canned almost every year for our holiday stuffing. You can get them at William Sonoma's or other gourmet grocery stores. That's my favorite! Hopefully I'll post if we go back up for our tree! Thanks for stopping by!!! Can't wait to see what you cook up next!! ;)

  4. Karen,
    We, too, picked up Chestnuts when we vacationed at Bennett Spring State Park in September!!! Not being an out~of~doors lady, I truly enjoyed our day! Thanks for stopping by with your sweet comment and visit!I have plans for the ladder already in mind for Christmas Decorating!!!

    1. Me too Pat...that's as outdoors-y as I get :) Your ladder will be great at Christmas. Can't wait to see it. Curb appeal and that first impression can be so fun to play up. I love your entrance!


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