Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Thrift Store Find

I miss my blogging world. This long term job is wiping me out. Wednesdays are a short day in our district so I was finished with school and picked up the kids by 2 p.m. We made a run to Roseville (30 minutes away) because I needed a few things at Hobby Lobby. There happens to be a Goodwill right next door. Don't want to waste a drive for just one store! Had to hit Goodwill.

I know. My on going Christmas theme. It's like a magnet with me at Goodwill.
Can you tell what this is?? These are pillow cases! I thought, okay. Kind of cool. It would be fun to so my room up for Christmas. I can see it now with my traditional Panetone, coffee and the Parade. They were crisp too. You know, when you can tell the have never been used. I am sure half of you are saying....yeah, because they're weird!

I found the pillow cases first. Grabbed them. Then, two aisles over I see this pine cone fitted sheet. Just the solid ecru and simple green pine cones. I realized they went to together. Then I found the flat sheet. Yippee! It has the red garland trim. It will be pretty turned down. I have a whole set. No duvet or anything else, but none of it has been used. It's got the feel of good quality.

It will look good in our room. It will match my golden yellow brocade bedspread and black bed... So...$8 total for some Christmas whimsy. 
You either love it or hate. I think I like the idea of doing Christmas in the bed room. Maybe not overdone, maybe my sheets and wreath at the end of the bed.

Miss you guys!!!!!! I'll be finished with the long term assignment on October 19Th! :)


  1. I love the idea! What a couple of great finds too! Can't wait to see your bedroom all decked out for the holidays!

    1. I better start cleaning it now :) It's my Esty storage room/craft room/ironing area. Isn't it romantic....

  2. I think these are beautiful. I have never seen Christmas sheets and pillowcases before. Great find.

  3. How fabulous! I've never seen bed linens like these! I always decorate my bedroom for Christmas. I love some pretty holiday things on my dresser!


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