Thursday, May 17, 2012

Michael Mondavi Winery

Strolling through the wine country on a Saturday afternoon, we stumbled on Michael Mondavi Winery. I had already been to Robert Mondavi years ago, so I was excited to see this. I loved the simple, cozy, country feel to this winery. While enjoying the wine we learned that The original Robert Mondavi winery was purchased by another family. This winery however, is still owned and run by Michael Mondavi (Robert's Son) I love the fact that this winery feels like a big home in the country. It's got a great feel to it. 

Kicking back in the country with wonderful wine. What could be better? Can't you just see this  tractor in it's "hay" day (sorry) filled with fresh grapes? Love it.
Look at this front porch, is this not inviting? You can get your sample and come on out to the porch and enjoy it.  What's not to love?

Is this not cozy? Your only problem is deciding  where to enjoy your scrumptious wine...too many choices.

Every winery in California offers lots of goodies for sell, wine (of course) gourmet treats and lots of kitchen gadgets.  If you are like me you will be tempted in every winery. We often collect gourmet delights to enjoy with a bottle of wine when we get hungry.

Lucie loved the fireplace. The weather was perfect outside, but this really added to the ambiance...having a fire. Don't you love this mantel?

Let's not forget why we are here. The Michael Mondavi Spellbound wines were to die for. Delicious. Most wineries charge for tasting now. It's was only about $12 a person and we got to sample 6 different wines. Keep in mind that they are hearty samples. We usually go for 3 white and three reds. What ever your choice, you can't go wrong.

Just when I think my day can't get better,  I am told I should take a peek out on the back porch....are you kidding me?
I am in love. It's so serene. Look at that view.

Leaning on the railing with my wine. Ahhhh.....

Perfect place for a picnic next time. Most wineries are very open to you picnicking on the premises.

The property is gorgeous and well maintained. Have your cameras ready!

Everyone had a fun day.

Time to hit the road. We  had a blast in the open air. But, remember drive carefully when sampling.

Until next time...........

  Visit their site to learn more about this amazing family!

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