Saturday, May 5, 2012

4 Th Street Berkeley, California

Back to Berkeley again today for the final vote in the French election. We met up with our French friends who were voting as well. After dropping the envelope with a simple sheet of paper with the candidate's name of choice, into a clear ballot box, we were off to eat.

Sophie suggested 4 Th Street in Berkeley. She always knows were to go. She never disappoints. What a wonderful spot. Tree lined streets, outdoor cafes and shops galore.

We started with Lunch at Cafe Rouge. Great place with a wonderful causal atmosphere and great food.

Preparing oysters and other seafood treats. 

Lunch was de-lish....and wait until you see their market! If you are a vegetarian, I am very sorry. You won't like these pictures. Total culinary delight. If, you lived close by you could make some wonderful meals from their market.

My head was spinning. So many choices. On the right are all different types of freshly made ravioli. Up above....all kinds of house made pates. STOP!!!!!
All house made pastas.
Say, "Cheese."

Hum....and for dessert:

All I can see are the pink and green Princess cakes. My favorite. Have you had one? If, not. Get one ASAP. Instead of fondant, it's marzipan.

La Mere Pollard, in case you can't make it to Mont. St. Michel over the weekend.

Okay....let's go on walk now! I am stuffed!

4 Th street is amazing. Such a great feel. Laid back, casual, and relaxed. Everyone shopping and strolling about. The shops are fantastic. You can visit Sur La Table, The Crate and Barrel Outlet, The Garden Shop, Spas, etc.

Wine shop outside of The Pasta Shop (The Market at Cafe Rouge)
The entrance to Cafe Rouge

Just at the end of this street in front of Peets Coffee House....there was live music adding to the great atmosphere.

The Garden Shop. Unique high end garden decorations. Amazing things.
Inside the Garden Shop...gorgeous colors.

Zuti Bistro. All open air, looked great.
Beautiful sunny day on 4 Th Street, Berkeley.
chocolates, gelato, and fresh, yes, please.
We will definitely be going back. Such a fun day. So much to see and do. It's been great exploring Berkeley during the French elections. Sometimes you just don't take advantage of the great treasures close to home. I recommend taking a Saturday or Sunday and just taking off and being a tourist close to home. We don't do it often enough. After all, we have busy lives and really we just don't think we have the time. These are moments I'll remember. Not washing the clothes, or mowing the lawn....


  1. Okay this totally made me hungry! Those cheeses! Yum! Looks like a wondeful weekend

    1. It was a great day! This is a fun part of Berkeley. Great with kids too! We brought some of the cheese home!


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