Thursday, April 5, 2012


It was such a nice day today. Lucie and I did a little gardening.

Delicious red and yellow Ranunculus

One thing I always find at garage sales: great ceramic pots for the garden. This one was maybe $4  

I love my olive tree. My husband saved it from black scale. He worked hard to do that. The olive tree is now thriving and I think has grown quicker than expected. They are slow growers. This was planted about 7 years ago.
Lucie offered to help and she's always willing to do hard work. Today, she weeded the garden path that has been very neglected in the last few month. She's a great helper.

Isn't he sweet? He visits regularly. This is his spot.

My garden is simple. When we moved back from France I was 36 years old with two babies. We designed and did everything in our yard. We dug every ditch, for the sprinkler system my husband my husband put in, by hand with shovels. We laid the top soil, the sod, etc. Stan put in the paver patio as well. Boy, that was a job! Now the work in minimal. I knew I wouldn't have as much time as I'd like to spend in garden. Next time I'll get some pictures of our small raised vegetable garden (we have some tomatoes already) and my favorite white rose bush.

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