Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Cal Berkeley Campus

Last weekend my husband needed to vote in the French presidential elections. Round one. The voting took place in Berkeley, California. As we planned for the day it came to our attention that he had never been. We have been in Northern California for nearly 8 years. It's just one of those things we haven't had time for. So, we made it a day. I really wanted my husband to see The Cal Berkeley campus. I am not sure if it's the nerdy engineer stereotype or what, but he got nervous and panicked when I drove right on campus. I am more of the thrill seeker. I figure if it's not allowed someone will tell me and then I'll leave. was kind of allowed (with a permit) and I got an amazing parking spot....and NO ticket.

Turns out they were having "Cal Day". So my parking spot was even more amazing in retrospect. It was pretty crowded for a Saturday morning. What I love about the campus is the eclectic buildings and serene feel you get from all the trees, flowers and pretty pathways.

Can you see it in the far background?

On a beautiful day like this, standing in front of the clock tower, it's just amazing. The Golden Gate Bridge is framed here. Too bad about my camera. It's stunning when you are standing there. That would inspire me everyday.

As a teenager we visited the campus with our high school and I was so impressed with this library. It's a sprawling building with many different wings. It's wonderful to take a tour.

Future Cal student?

The kids are very impressed with college life so far. Here they are with The Cal Berkeley Bear!

Lucas saw this from about a mile away and could hardly contain himself. 
A little Harry Potter fun.

Have you ever noticed that unplanned adventures often turn out best? We had no idea Cal Day was happening. We may have even tried to avoid it, because of crowds. The kids had a blast. Event or no event the campus is beautiful. If you get a chance to explore it, you'll have a great time.
This was just one tiny section of the campus and two small wings of the large library.
Not sure if I mentioned I found a brilliant parking spot right on campus.... :)

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  2. You are so sweet. Not sure what happened there. I am not too gifted in the technological way. When things switched to Linky, etc. I got even more confused. I'll try yo fix that. Thanks for going out of your way! I appreciate it. Have a great day....believe it or not it's rainy ere too. After days in the high 80s and 90s all of sudden, rain. Thanks, again!

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