Sunday, October 21, 2012

A Wonderful Sugar Cookie Glaze

Well, Pinterest you have done it again. This recipe for sugar cookie glaze is amazing. If you are planning on making cookies for the upcoming holidays I highly recommend this one! I just wish I was more talented, but that doesn't stop the fun!

This easy to make glaze stays shiny and turns hard on the surface.

Here is what you need....and some milk. Here is the original post and recipe!

You always feel like it can't be possible...all of this powdered sugar and so little liquid, but it works.  I didn't shift the powdered sugar as requested. I just whipped it a bit with the whisk. I always take short cuts. It seemed to work just fine.

Add color. Follow the food coloring directions.  We chose purple for the bats.

Cookie decorating station all set up. Lucie's little creation station! I just love that my local market has ready to decorate sugar cookies for every holiday! Thanks, Belair! The fun eyes can be found at Michael's and the market now too!

Lucie did a great job! I just allowed her to do her thing.

Look how shiny!

Lucie's ghost! I am an early bird....we were decorating in our PJ's.

Smart Lucas....always thinking outside the box...three eyes! Clever.

Love this glaze!

It's beginning to feel like Halloween!

Cookie jar ready to fill up!

Happy Halloween!!!!!
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  1. What a really easy recipe for cookie glaze. Your cookies turned out great! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  2. This icing reminds me of how my grandma's cookies looked. I always wondered how she did that icing!

  3. Wow, I wondered how they got that perfect sheen on the cookies. My daughter is the baker in the family. I will send her your post.

  4. Those are so shiny!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. Going to have to try it

  5. I love this shiny glaze! I am going to try this on my sugar cookies this year!

    Yours look so neat.

    And what a lovely family you have!

  6. Delicious looking cookies and what fun to make!

  7. Mr. B always asks me to find a god sugar cookie glaze that hardens but stays shiny! Found it!! Thanks so much for sharing this at my party this week! I am featuring it on my Facebook page too :-)

  8. The three eyed monster is so funny! ; ) And this is totally off topic, but I love Lucie's glasses. She's adorable in them!

  9. Your Halloween cookies are so cute and look delicious. Thanks for sharing the glaze recipe. It's a keeper..putting it in my cook book.

  10. Love your blog, too! And, thanks for that recipe! I'm making some Christmas things soon and dreaded icing them with the traditional Egg white/ cooked version. What a pain that is.


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